Aftermath: Spinning Tornado

November 17, 2010

The wit and wisdom of Team GSP assistant coach John Danaher has been one of the joys of the season on The Ultimate Fighter, and now there's more of it on The Aftermath!

The erudite jiu-jitsu master made his first-ever visit to the Aftermath, along with two of his most successful pupils from this season, newly-minted semifinalists Michael Johnson and Kyle Watson. Stephan Bonnar led the trio in a discussion of the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter, and Watson even put a rear naked choke on Bonnar for our entertainment.

Of course, the guys also respond to viewer comments, so if you have questions or comments, submit them at and Bonnar and the gang might answer you.

Danaher brings a new air of dignity to the proceedings on this week's Aftermath, but you'll love it just as much! Check it out at right now!