Darren Aronofsky Could Still Make RoboCop

February 10, 2010

It's been a long while since we've heard any news about the RoboCop reboot. It doesn't help that MGM, the studio that owns the rights, is in a bit of financial peril right now. But the writer of the new RoboCop, David Self, recently talked a little bit about the movie and whether or not we're ever going to see it.

Apparently director Darren Aronofsky is, in fact, still attached to the project. The problem right now is that Aronofsky is busy at work on his new movie, Black Swan, and that MGM doesn't really know where its money is going to come from, or whether it's going to be sold for pieces in the near future. Shock Till You Drop got the scoop on this story:

"I’m still involved with it and Darren Aronofsky’s still involved with it," says Self. "He’s making another movie right now (Black Swan), but we’re waiting for MGM, to sort things out since they’re a large corporation and it’s a situation where we have to be practical. We're waiting to continue with them, we hope that that happens soon and we can get back to it soon."

While it's reassuring to hear that both filmmakers are still onboard, it really doesn't sound like we should be holding our breath on the new RoboCop. Between Aronofsky being busy with other projects and MGM barely able to make rent, it seems the likelihood of an expensive, sci-fi action film coming out of the studio in the near future is not great.

Things change fast in Hollywood, though, so you never really know. Here's hoping both the director and MGM start getting the ball rolling on RoboCop again.

Of course, the original really wasn't such a bad movie. Does it really need to be rebooted at all?

Source: MGM