Brooke Shields Wishes She Lost Virginity Sooner

May 26, 2009

Brook Shields has a single regret...she wishes she lost her virginity sooner.

Brooke confided in an interview with Heath magazine that she put off having sex because she suffered from body issues and was not comfortable with her appearance. She reveals that she did not have sex until age 22:

I think I would have lost my virginity earlier than I did at 22. I had the public and all this pressure, and I wish I had just gotten it over with in the beginning when it was sort of OK.

Brooke believes if she had lost her virginity earlier, she would have been “more in touch” with herself and her body. She tells the magazine that her battle with her body image stunted her sexual awakening. Brooke said, “I think I wouldn't have had issues with weight. I carried this protective 20 pounds [in college]. It was all connected.”

Is Brooke saying girls should give it up earlier to feel good about themselves? What do you think?

Source: George Napolitano/FilmMagic/Getty Images