Amazing Spider-Man 2 Scheduled Before Amazing Spider-Man Is Released

August 5, 2011

The trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man hasn't even hit a theater near you yet and the studio is already planning its sequel.

Sony even has a release date for the sequel of May 2, 2014. That's two years after they release the first film in the series on July 3, 2012.

Why is the studio so bullish when it comes to the "Spider-Man" series? Well, because it's f***ing Spider-Man. Comic book movies are the hottest commodity going these days in Hollywood next to films based on childhood toys and hot leading ladies playing lesbians. The passive fans will see it just for the sheer thrill of a big budget action summer movie spectacular and the character is familiar enough to even the non-comic book memorizing audiences. And even if the new film reboot fails to impress or even utterly disappoints the comic book fanboys who have the original series memorized in their heads, they will still go see it just to critique it.

It's a bigger win-win than trading in your used Yugo for a Bugatti Veyron and finding a half naked Mila Kunis in the trunk (assuming, of course, that you didn't put her in there since that's technically a win-win for your local district attorney).

Photo: Joe Kohen/WireImage/Getty Images