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Lindsay Lohan’s Ankle Bracelet Goes Off

by girls   June 02, 2011 at 6:40PM  |  Views: 1,101

Has Lindsay Lohan already broken the conditions of her house arrest? Law enforcement agents recently paid a visit to Lohan’s residence after her ankle monitoring device went off.

According to The Los Angeles Times, probation officials visited the troubled actress at her home in Venice, California on Tuesday after her “monitoring unit went off.” Lohan is restricted to her residence, including exterior areas of the house, for the 35 days she’s expected to server under house arrest. Lohan is only allowed to leave her premises for medical appointments or to visit the probation office. Lohan is also subject to random alcohol and narcotics tests. She is also prohibited from tampering with the ankle device.

Lohan is currently under house arrest after being convicted of stealing a $2,500 necklace. She was originally sentenced to a 120 days jail term, but the sentence was commuted to 35 days under house arrest due to jail overcrowding. Lohan is spending her time under house arrest watching television, reading scripts, sun tanning on her rooftop patio and posing for a tabloid photo shoot. Girl is living the life!

Lohan’s attorney Shawn Chapman Holley released a statement confirming the device was activated. She said, “Lindsay's electronic monitoring system went off on Monday. When a representative from the monitoring company went to her home, the representative found Lindsay there. The equipment was replaced the following day.”

So, for now, it seems Lohan’s ankle bracelet was simply on the fritz.

Photo: Andrew H. Walker/WireImage/Getty Images


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