"Breaking Bad" and Binge-Watching: What Makes a Show Binge-Worthy?

August 14, 2013
Source: Channel 4

Peep Show

Summary: Comedians David Mitchell and Robert Webb do some of the smartest, most avant garde humor in British television. "Peep Show" features Mitchell and Webb as mismatched roommate. The show's style can be jarring, since it's shot from the point of view of the respective characters. Once you get used to that, though, you'll be hooked.

Why you should binge-watch it: It's hilarious and different from pretty much any sitcom you'll see.


So what's the key to making a show binge-worthy? Wild developments. Characters that we can care about and identify with that come from a different world, either figuratively or literally. Hooks that keep you coming back. Most important of all? It just has to be good.



We talked to the stars of one of the shows on this list – "Arrested Development" – on an episode of All Access Weekly earlier this season. Check it out below!