Germany Finally Gets Around to Approving Sale of First Two Doom Games

September 1, 2011

Video games haven't been able to crack the German market very well, mainly because the country bans every other title that crosses the ocean for everything from being excessively violent to very naughty.

The Germans actually have very, very strict laws regarding developing and selling video games that violate certain style guidelines, particularly those that depict "cruel violence" in some of the bloodier games. Breaking these laws can net some up to a year in prison and even fines into the thousands. That's a lot of quarters for just one game of Mortal Kombat.

One of the most notorious games in Deutschland ever to be banned by their government are titles from the popular Doom series, created by id Software. It's actually been on the "no buy" list for 10 years but now, an appeals court has overturned that decision making it fully legal to buy the first two titles within their borders. The game's current owner Bethesda applied for the appeal after learning a loophole around the ban that's been on the books and the game received a USK 16+ rating, effectively putting it back on the shelves.

So hang in their Germany. Doom 3 should be there by the start of the next decade. It'll be worth the wait.

Photo: William Philpott/Getty Images Sport/Getty Image