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by Robbie E   January 23, 2014 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 4,087

What's up, bro? Robbie E is back this week with the BroMan blog, and my life is crazy, bro. Insane! There's just so many things going on, always. Well, anyway, this week I wanted to share the 5 biggest news pieces in the world of Robbie E of people that are close to me. Everything is going great for all my favorite people, and it's time you wannabes show some respect. Check it.

Jessie - My tag partner lives a life that's almost as crazy as Robbie's, bro. This week he reached his new high in deal-sealing with women. He sealed the deal with 15 different girls in 14 days. That's an average of more than one a day. This is gonna be a big year for this BroMan! BOOMski!

DJ Zema Ion - Me and Jessie's homie and personal DJ is a insane spinner at the clubs! This week, DJ Tiesto called him for tips, bro! That's so major. And if that wasn't enough, he bought a tongue on TV. Yeah he's a weird guy bro, but he gets it done in the clubs and the ring, and that is the BroMan Way. Berrrrrr-ber-ber-berrrrrrr.

Justin Bieber - One of my closest friends won a drag race in Miami! Nuff said. He's a true BroMan!

Brooke - My future wife got offered a reality show deal because she is amazing, and who wouldn't wanna follow her life? I'm so proud of her! She also stared at animals on Instagram, so this was a big week.

Robbie E - Well, in my life this week, I remained one half of the TNA tag champs. That's enough right there, but think about my life. I have my own DJ, I am a BroMan, and I am dating the hottest women alive. I have nice muscles, I am tan, I chew my food super loud just because I can, I wear bright colors and I laugh randomly. Everything about me is just amazing. And I'm probably the humblest guy out there based on how much I have to brag about. My life rules weekly!

Until next week. Oh! This was my BroMan blog bro!


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