Your Girlfriend Thinks About Food More Than Sex

October 3, 2011
Your Girlfriend Thinks About Food More Than Sex

It's a stereotype as old as hacky comedian routines about dating: men are obsessed with sex, while women would rather eat a solid brick of chocolate. Sadly, it turns out those hacks were right: not only is it true, it's worse than we think. At least according to Atkins.

How bad is it? Of a survey of over a thousand British women, one in four thought their diet was more important than their relationship,, ouch. Maybe start investing in bringing home flowers more often, British men. Even more wince-inducing: 10% admitted they'd feel guiltier going off their diet than cheating on their partners. Ow, ow, ow.

In fact, in general, you come second to food. 37.5% of women in the survey thought about food more than they thought about their (apparently in)significant other, and a whopping 54% admitted they cared more about food than they did about sex. Oh, also, apparently at least one in seven women started dieting because people are jerks: "cruel comments about my weight" was a big factor in dieting.

So, how do we, as men, go about fixing this, especially since the very survival of the species depends on it? We're thinking flavorings applied to intimate areas. Of course, that usually leads to a burning sensation, and not in the good way, but to continue humanity, it's a small price to pay. Also maybe take her out for a better meal once in a while.

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