Tim Tebow Gets a Little Off the Top

August 9, 2010

It doesn’t matter how many National Championships or Men’s Health magazine photo spreads you’ve collected. Rookie hazing is a staple in the NFL, and even the most heralded first-year players aren’t above this adorable (and highly abusive) tradition.

Denver Broncos first round pick Tim Tebow found this lesson out the hard way when some of the team’s veterans gave him a quick haircut before a brief practice Saturday night.

"It was something to give everybody a laugh, something also to build chemistry," Tebow said while figuring out how to cure cancer with his bare hands.

Also, in the event that Oliver Stone is looking to recast the role of Friar Tuck in Robin Hood II, Tebow will be in wardrobe for the next three to six weeks, waiting for Josh McDaniels (and the will of God) to anoint him the team's starting quarterback.

Photo: ESPN.com