The Top 10 Songs About Food

November 25, 2008

Like sex, food is one of most primal things known to mankind. So it’s really no surprise how often food comes up in song. If you need a legitimate food playlist to get your crowd salivating for Thanksgiving, then we've got you covered.

by Dustin Sussman

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10. "Milkshake" - Kelis

Just the idea of a group of super hot ladies bringing their favorite frothy drinks made of cold milk and ice cream to a giant yard makes my head spin. Although the true meaning behind the song’s title could be a number of different things, I would really like to think that Kelis is a classy chick and she honestly has the best milkshake recipe on the entire block. I’m assuming she probably got it from her mama. Zing!

9. “Cherry Pie” - Warrant

Who doesn’t love a big piece of pie? I don’t think there is anyone on the planet who doesn’t enjoy a nice helping now and then. This may be the reason why the 1990 Warrant single “Cherry Pie” reached the top ten and went on to be one of the biggest hits of the year. Although, come to think of it, it may also have to do with the fact that sexy video vixen Bobbie Brown got a big cherry pie dropped in her wet lap in the classic video. Either way, gotta love that pastry crust and fruit filling.

8. "Gin And Juice" - Snoop Doggy Dogg

I find it quite pleasing that Snoop decided to throw down a song promoting the consumption one of the more healthy alcoholic beverages on the market. If you’re going to be smoking mad blunts and hollering at ladies all night you might as well be taking in a serious dose of vitamin C to keep you immune system right.

This is also one of the greatest party songs ever written. It's physically impossible not to down a whole bottle of Tanqueray and orange juice while this 1993 Dre-produced classic is bumpin’ at a West Coast house party. Who knew a song about drinking distilled white grain spirits and raw cane sugar could be so awesome?

7. "Mother Popcorn" - James Brown

This song is more about the dance than the food, but there is no doubt that this is one of the funkiest songs ever written about heated food kernels. This song is so funky that the first time I heard it I felt like a giant corn puff bursting open from the dry heat of the dance floor. Not many songs out there can make you feel like an actual food. Some how, JB pulled it off.


6. “Juicy Fruit” – Mtume

Most of us know that this as the original sample used in Biggie’s 1994 smash “Juicy,” but this funky 1983 banger is also one of the few perfect tracks that can compare a special someone to numerous candies and ripe fruits. I wish I was someone’s chocolate star.

You know very well
What you are
You’re my sugar thing
My chocolate star

I’ve had a few
But not that many
But you’re the only love
That gives me good and plenty


5. "Milk & Cereal" - G. Love & Special Sauce

In my opinion, cereal is the prefect meal. You can eat it anytime of the day no matter what kind of mood you’re in. It is also the world’s perfect hangover meal. I’m assuming this is why the brilliant Philadelphia fellas G. Love & Special Sauce decided to throw down a funky tribute to the amazing mixture of sweet grains and the white liquid secreted by the mammary glands of female mammals. There is nothing finer than hearing G. Love spit out soothing harmonies about Lucky Charms, Rice Krispies and Boo Berry.


4. "Roast Fish And Cornbread" - Lee "Scratch" Perry

What a mouth-watering reggae classic this is. The title alone makes me want to run to Kendal, Jamaica for some homemade Lee "Scratch" Perry cooking.

This track is also one of the tastiest recipes to ever come out of Perry's Black Ark kitchen-studio. Not only did the revolutionary original B-Boy lay down a brilliant track about one of his favorite dishes, he also concocted the perfect dub track for any meal scenario. If you wanna woo your special lady just follow the classic recipe of one of Jamaica’s finest.


3. “Savoy Truffle” - The Beatles

Not only is this track off of one of the greatest albums ever made, it also goes to show that The Beatles can write a brilliant song about anything. Who knew it was possible to wrap George Martin’s amazing production around lyrics about coconut fudge and decaying teeth?

George Harrison originally wrote the song as a tribute to Eric Clapton's chocolate addiction and derived the title and many of the lyrics from a box of Mackintosh Good News chocolates. Even though the song does mention the downfalls of eating sweets, it still makes me wanna get down on a gigantic Cadbury Creme Egg. Pretty sweet indeed.


2. “All You Can Eat” - The Fat Boys

This list would not be complete without a Fat Boys track.

When I first saw Krush Groove as a kid this was hands down my favorite part in the film. What could be better than three dope overweight MCs hittin’ a New York City buffet for over-the-top feasting and some b-boy rhyme-spittin’? Answer: Nothing in this world.

$3.99 for all you can eat?
Well, I'm a stuff my face to a funki beat!

Give me some chicken, franks, and fries
And you can pass me a lettuce. I'm a pass it by

So keep shoveling, (Ha!) onto my plate
Give me some sweets and lots of cake

Give me some hot Macaroni and Cheese!
Give me, some more food PLEASE!!!!

We'll eat everything. An incredible feat
$3.99 for all you can eat!


1. “Eat It” - “Weird Al” Yankovic

Anytime you mention anything about songs and food this is the first title that gets mentioned. Why? Because “Eat It’’ f***ing rules.

When Thriller was on top of the charts in 1983, a mild-mannered parody musician by the name of "Weird Al" Yankovic decided to take a stab at MJ's smash single "Beat It." This song reached #1 in Australia and became Yankovic's biggest U.S. single. This song easily has some of the best lyrics ever associated with humans and their consumption of food products.

As if the amazing content of this song wasn’t enough, Al also went ahead and did a shot-for-shot remake of Jackson's classic 1983 video.