For Women, Size Does Matter

January 5, 2009

When it comes to sex, size does matter...especially if you’re female. A new study in the U.K. shows the smaller a woman’s dress size, the more likely she is to have regular sex.

Researchers found that 60 percent of women who are size 8 had sex in the previous week. This is compared to 50 percent of woman who are a size 12 and 33 percent of women who are a size 26. The study of 3,000 people also revealed that 1 in 10 women classified as obese admitted not having a roll in the hay for a whole year.

Larger girls also had less confidence in the bedroom, mainly because they were less confident about how they looked. A staggering 70 percent of women admitted they try and avoid showing off their bodies. Some of the ways include avoiding sex or working out ways to stop their partner from seeing them nude. Some of the ways include:

• Pretending to have a headache
• Having sex with the light off
• Getting undressed before their partner comes to bed
• Keeping a t-shirt or pajamas on
• Keeping the bedcovers firmly on so it covers their body

The study concluded that the happier a woman is with her body, the more likely she is to get it on.