Charlie Sheen Cashes in With Twitter

March 4, 2011
Charlie Sheen is making the most of his newly acquired free time. In the midst of appearing on every talk show imaginable, Sheen has signed up on Twitter, entered the record books, and set to cash in.

Charlie Sheen joined Twitter on March 1 and within 24 hours had amassed one million followers. Amassing all those friends in such a short amount of time helped Sheen enter the Guinness Book of World Records. Sheen officially holds the record for “the fastest time to reach 1 million followers on Twitter.” Sheen took to Twitter to thank his followers, tweeting, “Thanks to you fabulous and perfect humans, we bludgeoned our way into the 2nd greatest book of all time."The Guinness book" now complete.”

Now the sitcom actor is set to leverage his Twitter popularity to cash in. Following other celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad, Sheen is set to make bank using Twitter to promote products. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Two and a Half Men star is “set to make $1 million annually by tweeting endorsements.”

And they say Sheen is having a bad week.

Photo: Splash News