Andy Bernard vs. The Civil War

February 26, 2009

We know him as Andy Bernard on The Office, though his friends and family know him as Ed Helms. Mr. Helms is taking an incautious step outside the comfort of his hit TV show to write and star in a film about a Civil War re-enactor. The re-enactor gets mixed up in some time travel shenanigans and actually winds up in the middle of the famous American war. Helms' project is one of several films that involve historical re-enactors.

Choke, with Sam Rockwell, choked at the box office recently, and it, too, featured historical re-enactors. Hopefully this one will do with historical re-enaction what Choke could not.

Helms's co-star on The Office, Steve Carell, is going to produce. It's a shame Carell couldn't also act in the film with Helms; whenever the two have teamed up on The Office the results have been nothing short of ridiculously funny.

But sometimes the little birds need to leave the nest, leap out of the tree and pray they don't break every bone in their little bird bodies. Here's to Helms and his writing/starring debut: May luck go with thee and all thine Nardly hijinks.


Source: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images