Slacker Radio Hits a Home Run, Starts Streaming ESPN Live

January 11, 2012

Slacker Radio is one of Pandora's biggest rivals, and it just landed a major victory in its fight to get control of your cube's Internet radio dial: sports, NPR, and weather.

First, the partnership you care about: ESPN and Slacker announced at the Consumer Electronics Show that they've teamed up to start live streaming of ESPN Audio's games and programming. In other words, there's no reason you have to miss Sportscenter's recap of the Golden State Warriors' epic sweep of the Miami Heat. So long as you properly hide your streaming radio tab from your boss.

Also cool: Slacker's going to start streaming NPR shows, and it's teamed up with the Weather Channel to offer more accurate local weather.

Back to the sports: this will also be available for Slacker's mobile apps, although when is apparently still being worked out. One thing we can guarantee is that you'll need to be a subscriber to Slacker Plus or Premium for the best stuff. But isn't it worth it to listen to the game with that conference call on mute?