Careful What You Tweet: Microsoft May Have It Professionally Sung

January 10, 2012

Source: Getty Images

Microsoft introduced a lot of new products during their keynote last night at the Consumer Electronics Show: the Kinect will be coming to your PC, the HTC Titan II will be coming to your pocket with a sixteen megapixel camera, and your XBox is becoming your cable box.

About halfway through, though, they also decided to roll out the single weirdest thing we've ever seen at CES: the Tweet Choir.

Listen carefully, and you'll realize that what's happening is that the choir is turning the tweets about the Microsoft keynote (which was only halfway done at this point, by the by) into a full song. Yes, they're singing it, hashtags and all.

We're not really sure what to make of this, beyond wondering what it'd be like if this press conference was about Kanye West's Donda project.