Al Capone vs Yakuza

February 14, 2011

Beginning Analysis: What happens when two of the world's greatest criminals go head to head? Read on to see!


Al Capone

Short Range (1): Stiletto Knife

Short Range (2): Colt M1911 Pistol

Medium Range: Tommygun

Explosive: MKII Grenade (Pineapple Bomb)

Special: Brass Knucles



Short Range (1): Tonto Knife

Short Range (2): Walther P38 Pistol

Medium Range: Sten Submachine Gun

Explosive: Ceramic Grenade

Special: Tonfa


Who Got the Edge

Stiletto vs Tonto: Both knives get the edge. They're small, easily concealable, and unoticeable until the blade is in someone's back.


Colt M1911 vs Walther P38: Both pistols get the edge. They are very close to one another in regards to construction, clip capacity, and power. Plus, like both sides respective knives, they can be easily concealed.


Tommygun vs Sten: The Tommygun gets the edge. See season 1 for details.


Pineapple Bomb vs Ceramic Grenade: Both explosive get the edge. The Pineapple Bomb can take multiple targets outright, while the Ceramic Grenade can cause targets to experience different effects (including death).


Brass Knucles vs Tonfa: The Tonfa gets the edge. It has a slighter reach, which will allow the weapon to get kills in before the Brass Knucles can.



Chicago. 2/15/1929. The end of the Roaring Twenties.


It was just a day after the Saint Valentine's Day massacre, when Big Al and his boys were celebrating the squeeze they bug on Bugs Moran's boys. When Big Al looked in the paper, and saw the bodies slumped to the ground, riddled with bullets and covered in blood, he knew that he and his boys were Chicago number 1 gangsters.


Al and four of his thugs were sitting down at their main warehouse along the riverfront, enjoying some food and some wine, and listening to some gentle Italian music on the record player. They were halfway through their meal, when the sound of a car pulling up startled thinking that they were cops, one of the thugs got up from his chair and looked out of the window to see who it was.


"Boss, come and check this out." the thug spoke out.


Al wiped some crumbs from his mouth, and got out of his seat. "Cops?" he asked.


Al shoved the thug out of the way, and looked out the window. He did see a car, but it definately wasn't a cop car. The license plate's had strange letters on them, something that Al hadn't seen before. The doors to the car opened, and 5 Asian men came out. They were holding guns that he or his boys hadn't seen before, and that set him off.


"Boys, it looks like someone's trying to step onto our turf." said Al. "Get a gun, and let's show they that this town is ours!"


Al and his men were scrambling. They took their tommyguns from the hidden closet, and a Pineapple Bomb or two from a crate. Big Al went into the warehouse office, and took the Colt M1911 pistol from his desk, as well as the pair of Brass Knucles & Stiletto Knife. All of then were in hiding, waiting for the Asians to step inside.


The warehouse door opened up a minute later, and the Asian men stepped inside. One of them were stepping close to the dinner table, where they saw half-eaten food that they never smelt before. As one of the Asians were about to try & taste the food, one of Al's thugs suddenly jumped out from hiding, and stabbed the Asian in the back of the neck with his Stiletto. The body shook for a second or two, them dropped to the floor.


Al Capone: 5/Yakuza: 4


Seeing their comrade die, the rest of the Asians immediately turn their guns onto Al's thug, unleashing a hail of bullets that would rival that of the massacre the day earlier.


Al Capone: 4/Yakuza: 4


The thug's lifeless corpse fell onto the table, messing up a couple plates of spaghetti and knocking over wine glasses. Al and the rest of his boys had to stay quiet, and get ready for their surprise attack.


The rest of the Asian gangsters, as Al and his boys correctly guessed, were looking through the rest of the warehouse for signs of their attackers. They arrived at the rum room, and there were stacks upon stacks of crates filled with liquor. Although they were getting angry, they didn't seem to be impatiant. Two of Al's thugs were hiding behind a small stack of rum bottles, waiting for the gangsters to come to them. When they were close, the two thugs suddenly rose up from cover, and immediately unleashed hell from their thompsons. Three of the Asian gangsters managed to drop to the ground, but the one that didn't was nearly cut in half by the firepower.


Al Capone: 4/Yakuza: 3


Al's thugs kept firing at the asian gangsters, making sure that they couldn't attack back. One of the Asian gangsters took from his pocket a small, Ceramic Grenade. He lit the fuse, and managed to throw it without getting shot at. A second later, and the explosive device went off. The two thugs were shredded from head to toe with shrapnel from the small grenade.


Al Capone: 2/Yakuza: 3


The rest of the asian gangsters, seeing that no one else was around, went out of the rum room, and started looking for Al and the rest of his thugs in other areas of the warehouse.


They went back to the main area were the ruined dining table was, and located the stairs to the second floor. They began walking up the stair, when they were met with gunfire from yet another thug, who managed to take out two of the Asians coming towards him. Their bodies rolled down the stairs, and slumped together at the bottom of the steps.


Al Capone: 2/Yakuza: 1


Al's last thug went down to inspect his kills, hoping that they were the last. The thug was looking all over the corpses, when he felt colt steel against his head. A loud bang later, and brain & blood sprayed the stairs & the walls quite beautifully.


Al Capone: 1/Yakuza: 1


Al heard the sound of the gun going off, and realized that he was all alone. He was still hiding inside his office, gripping his Colt M1911. He could hear footsteps coming towards his hiding place, and he was just about ready to leap out, and stop firing.


The Asian gangster was about to pass by the office door, when a bullet wizzed through the glass on the door window. He rolled under the door, then was right at the window of the office. Two more bullets came through the glass, and he saw the last person alive. He returned fired with his Walther P38, letting loose 3 bullets. They went into Al table, and actually managed to not hit Al.


Al, getting pissed at this point, started firing his Colt right at the Asian gangster. He shot out the pistol that the gangster, and saw the gun fly away. Al was pleased, but was pissed when the asian jumped through the window, and into the office.


Al put on his Brass Knucles, and the Asian took a small stick from his belt. Al just simply laughed at the weapon, and the two started brawling. Both men were hitting each other all over, with Al managed to land a blow to the Asian's chest & face, causing his opponent to drop his stick. He began punching at the gangster some more, landing a particularly nasty punch to the stomach. The gangster dropped to the floor in an unimpressive manner. Despite being taught to ignore pain, the fight was starting to get to him.


Al dropped his Brass Knuckles, as wearing them started to hurt, and pulled out his Stiletto. A quick slice to the jugular, and this little...incident would be over with.


He walked over to the Asian gangster, who was trying to crawl out of the office. He had been beaten badly to the point that disgrace wasn't such a bad idea, and cutting off a piece of his pinky didn't sound so bad. Al was right on top of him, and was about to slice open the gangster's neck, when the Asian sliced at his knee with a knife of his own. Al dropped to his good knee, but got a stab in when the gangster stood up. The Asian dropped to the ground again, not showing much in the wave of movement. Al got up, and dusted off his pants.


He went over to the body. The gangster was still breathing, but not much else was going on. Deciding to add a little insult to injury, he took out the spare Pineapple Bomb, and placed it right next to the nearly dead gangster. He pulled the pin, and simply ran.


Al Capone: 1/Yakuza: 0


Al Capone: 586

Stiletto: 75

Colt M1911: 86

Tommygun: 300

Pineapple Bomb: 100

Brass Knuckles: 25


Yakuza: 414

Tonto: 7

Walther P38: 25

Sten: 300

Ceramic Grenade: 75

Tonfa: 7


Ending Assessment: Al Capone is simply bigger, brutal, and nastier than anyone that tries to tango with him.


Strongest Weapon: The Tommygun & Sten brought in 300 kills each, making them the strongest weapons.


Weakest Weapons: The Yakuza's Tonto & Tonfa brought in a pathethic 7 kills each, making them the weakest weapons.


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