Dark Knight Number One on IMDB

July 21, 2008


The Dark Knight is currently the top-ranked movie on IMDB.com out of over 91,000 votes. Citizen Kane, Lawrence of Arabia, Gone With the Wind -- they don't have nothin' on The Dark Knight. Now, as someone who recently watched and loved Dark Knight, I'm not one to hold back when it comes to heaping encomiums upon this most excellent piece of cinema. But, I mean, the best movie ever? Have these 70,000 people seen any other movies? Ever? I mean, geeze.

Ok, so, I guess the above section concludes my poo-pooing Dark Knight. Best movie ever? No. Best comic movie ever? Hands down yes, no debate. It makes every comic book movie that came before it look like sophmoric attempts at lewd entertainment. Batman Begins elevated the entire genre of Comic Movie to another level; Dark Knight demolished the genre and built a new one upon its rubble.

I would really like nothing more right now than to discuss all that I loved and didn't love about the movie but will abstain for at least a day longer, in the hopes that whoever has been so bold and importunate as to not watch the movie will have by...well, tomorrow. IMDB says it's the best movie ever. Take heed!