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by Robbie E   June 06, 2012 at 7:00AM  |  Views: 3,555

My travel schedule lately has been insane bro. I love being on the road, but it is a super sad thing when I leave Jersey... It's my real home ya know? My family and friends, my tanning salon, my gym, my car... All things I miss when I am away. I mean, I do have Bigger Rob who is like my other half, but still hate leaving. To make travel easier for me there are some things I can't leave the house without as I travel across the world. This week's #BroBlog is bringing back THE LIST as I am going to list my top 5 necessities on the road, my dudes.

5 - Self Tanner - Who knows where we will be? I don't trust the tanning salons in some of these towns we hit for IMPACT WRESTLING Live Events and I can't go without being nice and dark so I bring my tan in a can, bro. Definitely something I need!

4 - Hair Glue/Spray - Come on! Without my hair… I'm not really Robbie E! It's who I am and what I'm about! My hair is bullet proof, wind proof, water proof, and it gets that way from the glue/spray. I can't go without it!

3 - Phone Charger - My phone is my life. My email, twitter, facebook, #BroBlog, text messages… I mean I don't know what I would do without it, and I wouldn't even consider borrowing a charger from some hamster in the locker room cause I don't trust them, bro. Everyone is out to get at me.

2 - Wrestling Gear - If I'm on the road, it means I am wrestling and in order to wrestle I need my gear, bro. That means I can't forget my blinged out tights and boots.

1 - Protein - How would my muscles grow without it? I workout out regularly on the road and after a long, exhausting workout I need to refuel my body with some brotein man. Granted Robbie T carries extra, it's still always good to have my own, plus mine is banana flavored bro!

Don't miss IMPACT WRESTLING this week and Slammiversary Sunday. Plus remember on twitter now daily I give one Robbie E LIST worthy fact of the day about myself so keep an eye out...

Until next week...OH!!!!!! YOU AIN'T ON THE LIST BRO!

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