Rugged Notebook for Emailing in a Volcano

March 18, 2009

The Genera Dynamics Itronix GD8000 does not f*** around when it comes to computing in harsh conditions.

For godsake, it’s the G.D. GD8000.  It can continue to function at full computing capacity after a 42-inch cold drop.  It successfully boots in the freezing gold, the scorching heat, and has a 10 hour battery life. 

Oh, here’s a good idea, let’s shoot a jet of water at it traveling at 40 mph for 4 hours.  Cool.  Doesn’t matter.  Still works.  It probably works better, in fact.

It has a price, but I'd suggest you just trade a pallet of beaver pelts for it.

It also has a 13-inch screen, a finger print reader, a Core 2 Duo processor and a magnesium chassis.  And it weighs in at a measly 8 pounds.  What’s the matter, Shirley, doesn’t fit in your European carry-all.  Go f*** yourself.