Top 5 Zombie Killers (In Movies)

July 16, 2010


#5: Carlos Olivera

•Movies: Resident Evil Apocalypse, Resident Evil Extinction

•But Why?: Carlos sort of stood out among the other zombie killers in the Resident Evil films for me. Seen as a take-charge leader with plenty of skill; especially in the street shootout and helicopter-repel scenes where he takes zombies out with dual pistols. (Apocalypse) Olivera also shows his worth in the crow-motel scene in Extinction coming out a survivor.

•Notable Kill(s): Killing those Umbrella agents with Kung-Fu and throwing knives in Apocalypse was sick!



#4: Vegard

•Movies: Dead Snow

•But Why?: The teens in Dead Snow never really had a chance. I sort of accepted that. But damn did Vegard put up a fight! He made it seem that escape from the Nazi Zombies was possible. He was a badass; venturing off alone on his snowmobile, and eventually mounting a machine gun to it, and killing zombies. He was a maniac, someone to root for, and served a hero's death.

•Notable Kill(s): Vegard, using a Nazi Zombie's own helmet, beats him to death with it!


#3 Ben

•Movies: Night of the Living Dead (original)

•But Why?: From one of the first Zombie movies, comes one of the finest Zombie Killers. While the other characters in the film panic and cower to the point of uselessness, Ben actually deals with the situation; shows bravery, takes charge, and shoots some motherfucking zombies! Without Ben, the others would have died.

•Notable Kill(s): After fueling the truck fails, Ben gets locked out of the safe house. He kicks the door down, beats up Harry, and reclaims his rifle. Several zombies fall in this scene, but killing Harry was a relief to watch.



#2: Tallahassee

•Movies: Zombieland

•But Why?: There is no arguing that Tallahassee was superior to the rest of the crew in Zombieland. He threw out some fucking spectacular kills in the movie. From the simply brutal baseball bat kill in the grocery store, that made me shout in the theatre, to the sneaky shotgun blast that he dubbed "zombie kill of the week." There was no stopping this man.

•Notable Kill(s): Tallahassee’s final stand in the carnival was nothing short of epic. Annihilating that entire mob of zombies with his dual pistols was so beautifully awesome, it deserved an Oscar.



#1: El Wray











•Movies: Grindhouse, Planet Terror

•But Why?: He's the king. Number one. Everything Wray did was so stunning, you had to cheer. His skills in shooting were unmatched; however, his unarmed skills were just as great. It's tough picking a scene where El Wray isn't kicking ass. When he teams up with Abby, and escapes that jail cell with the single greatest pistol-kill I've ever seen in cinema, I knew Wray was not only the greatest zombie killer, but perhaps one of the greatest movie characters as well.

•Notable Kill(s): Entering the hospital to save Cherry, Wray walks into the flames past terrified patients running away. Wray disposes of zombies with dual Butterfly Knives, expert killing maneuvers, wall runs, slams, and other combat, which is nothing short of glourious.