Teachers in Hot Water Over Provocative Pep Rally Lap Dance

March 1, 2010

Two Canadian high school teachers have been suspended after taking part in a highly sexual lap dance during a recent pep rally at Churchill High School in Winnepeg, Canada. Watch the racy routine after the jump.

The clip shows a male teacher giving a seated female teacher a lap dance. The male teacher pulls out all his dirty dance moves, including bumping and grinding the highly enthusiastic female teacher. At one point he goes down on her, sticking his head in her crotch and simulating oral sex. A video of the dance, imaginatively titled “Two Teachers, One Chair” has become a hit online and outraged parents and school officials alike.

One parent told the Winnipeg Free Press, “It embarrassed me. While we were first watching it I said, 'they crossed the line. My daughter said, 'wait, it gets better.'” It certainly does.

As a result of the video, the two teachers have been suspended without pay. Other parents think the punishment does not fit the offence. Tim Galay, the father of Saigha Vincent, the 14-year-old student who posted the video, says, “It's common. There's dancing stuff going on all the time, on dancing shows and that. I don't think it's that big a deal.”

What do you think?


Source: New York Daily News