Celebrate Your Hatred of LeBron James with a Cleverly Named Beer

July 19, 2010

Tired of confining your disapproval of LeBron James’ free agency spectacle to Internet message boards and inappropriate wedding toasts? Fear not, young hater. The Great Lakes Brewing Company has created a specialty beer perfect for people who love both alcohol and taking professional sports way too seriously.

“Quitness,” a pun on the popular James-themed “Witness” marketing campaign, is being offered at select Cleveland bars.

The beer is a cask-conditioned, dry hopped India Pale Ale that is designed to leave a bitter taste after drinking. (Get it? Like LeBron did after he left. Cleveland people are uber clever!)

The beer is a hot seller in the booze-heavy town and should serve be the drink of choice at next year's draft lottery.

(Editorial note: Is the city of Cleveland ever going to let this go? Yes, LeBron has the likability of a young Sarah Palin and handled his decision with a lack of maturity reminiscent of a slightly older Sarah Palin, but this relentless anger is becoming somewhat tiresome. Cavalier fans (and ownership) have effectively become a bitter ex-girlfriend who refuses to move on after the break-up. This story is a keyed car and fake pregnancy away from ending in the principal's office.)

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images