Chuck E. Cheese is Like Vietnam, Man

February 19, 2010

If you had to compile a list of things that make the United States one of the three best countries in North America - trans-fat, John Stamos, and frivolous law suits would all be on it. Seriously, is there any other place on earth where getting hit in the head with an air hockey puck at a children’s restaurant can earn you $50,000? (Or where Uncle Jesse can marry a supermodel?)

In Chicago, a random woman who I assume graduated from an Ivy League university, is suing Chuck E. Cheese after a two ounce air hockey puck struck her in the head. Seriously.

She claims that the management “failed to warn her of the danger posed by sitting in a booth near the air hockey table" and "failed to have adequate safety precautions in place for those sitting in booths near the air hockey table."

In all fairness, Sea World does warn you if you’re going to get wet and bowling alleys are pretty adamant about their “shoe fungus waiver forms.”

Plus I’m still recovering from a shoulder injury I sustained while playing whack-a-mole at Dan Kaplan’s birthday party in the late 1980s, so I feel her pain.

I am curious as to what "adequate safety precautions" at a Chuck E. Cheese would entail, though.

Photo: Mark Sullivan/Wire Image/Getty Images