Somali Pirate vs IRA

August 10, 2010

SOMALI PIRATE --- RPG-7, AK-47, PKM, Hand Grenade, Grappling Hook.

IRA --- LPO-50 Flamethrower, AR-15, Bren, Nail Bomb, Slingshot.

EDGE --- RPG-7 for longer range and explosion. AR-15 for reliability and accuracy. PKM and Bren are EVEN, Nail Bomb for shrapnel and higher chance of death within frag radius. Hook for lethality and four pointed spikes.

A group of Pirates are seen docking in Northern Ireland where all of them get out. They head up to a large urban building. One of them, which has an RPG-7, waits outside. While the Pirates are scoping, an IRA member is rigging the boat with nail bombs. The he grabs his AR-15 to help his comrad's. The IRA is shot at by the rocket launcher but he dodges both the rocket and explosion (if you don't believe this, check out the IRA vs Taliban sim). The IRA member shoots back and grazes the Pirate. He's still alive but makes the enemy believe he's dead. When the IRA turned around he saw the Pirate moved so the IRA member started zig-zagging towards him and shoots him in the head. PIRATES = 4. IRA = 5.

Now the IRA comes in and sees a total beatdown. His comrad's and Pirates are shooting from opposite sides. A Pirate with a grappling hook jumps infront of the bombing IRA. He stops the swing of the hook using his rifle, pushes the Pirate outside, steers him with his own weight, and throws him down onto the boat. Now he detonates it. The body is riddled with nails. Now the bombing IRA gets a taste of his own medicine by a hand grenade that is thrown infront of him. BOOM. P = 3. I = 4.

Inside the building, the IRA run past another door which leads outside. They spill oil over and around the door. When a Pirate comes out shooting he was able to kill one of the IRA's but the other three burn him alive. P = 2. I = 3.

While the building slowly catches on fire, the other Pirate throws out a grenade that kills one of the IRA members. The other two go to the front to kill the remaining enemies but the one that killed the bomber starts shooting and hits the leg of one of them but does not die. He falls, but that doesn't stop him from shooting back. The second Pirate comes out with a grenade but before he throws it, it gets shot by a bullet, blowing the pirate up. One of the IRA run away for a second, leaving the wounded one defendless. He is shot in the neck, immediately dying. The second one reappears with dumping oil on the Pirate, subdoing him, when he wipes the oil off his eyes he sees the LPO-50 shooting out flames. After doing Pirate Barbeque, the IRA screams in victory. P = 0. I = 1.

IRA --- 601.

LPO-50 --- 126.

AR-15 --- 175.

Bren --- 184.

Nail Bomb --- 98.

Slingshot --- 18.


RPG-7 --- 37.

AK-47 --- 128.

PKM --- 152.

Grenades --- 43.

Hook --- 39.

Ps. I wrote the Pirates losing because the Taliban lost and they both have RPG's and AK's.