Mantenna - Monday, September 28

September 28, 2009

Sophie Monk's nipples run amok at a bikini photo shoot, Barack Obama campaigns for the 2016 Chicago Olympics, and NASA wants your crazy ideas...And the wind cries "Mantenna."

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Sophie Monk's Nipples Run Amok at Bikini Photo Shoot

While posing on a beach for a photo shoot over the weekend, the English-Australian pop singer-turned-actress Sophie Monk suffered a very internet-friendly wardrobe malfunction. From the photographs it would appear that Sophie's snuggle pups lost a hard-fought battle with her bikini top, briefly revealing to the world some of her more intimate details. While it's hard to say whether or not this little incident was staged or not, rest assured we will be studying the evidence closely for some time before we draw any conclusions. [Egotastic]

The Whale That Wouldn’t Die

A new television version of Moby Dick is going to hit the small screen thanks to TeleMunchen Group’s new production. While there doesn’t seem to be a huge popular demand for yet another small screen adaptation of Herman Melville’s classic novel, there will at least be some top-level talent involved: Donald Sutherland is going to play Father Mapple and Gillian Anderson – who hasn’t gotten a lot of work since the last X-Files movie (or ever, really) – is going to lay Captain Ahab’s wife, Elizabeth. Ethan Hawke also stars as Starbuck. For those of you who haven’t yet forced yourself to read Moby Dick, you’re in luck. [Variety]

George Clooney to Play The American

Director Anton Corbijn’s next film, an adaptation of the novel A Very Private Gentelman, to be called simply The American, follows his film Control. Control was a movie about Ian Curtis, the singer of Joy Division, whom Corbjin photographed early in his career. His new film follows Jack (George Clooney), who has been turned off of his job of working with assassins. He hides away in rural Italy and seeks redemption and romance, but in the process risks being found by the people he’s trying to escape from. Despite the concept’s lack of originality, maybe Clooney and Corbjin can inject it with intrigue. [/Film]

10 Innovative Urinals

Ahhh, urinals. Is there any other invention that singlehandedly proves how awesome it is to be a dude? No sitting for us, thank you very much. The potty-brained folks over at CollegeHumor have taken the wonders of the world's greatest bathroom fixtures one step further by rounding up some of the best for your perusal. As for us, we've got our hearts set on the last one. [CollegeHumor]

Dallas Cowboys Host First Game in Giant Middle Finger to Struggling Economy

Later this evening, Jerry Jones and his ragtag bunch of playoff-missing misfits will welcome the Carolina Panthers into the team's new $1.3 billion stadium, paid for with taxpayer dollars and constructed with the flowing tears and shattered dreams of Texas' unemployed oil workers (with some bricks and beams for support). [Jock Life]

Barack Obama Campaigns for the 2016 Chicago Olympics


Source: NICHOLAS KAMM/Getty Images

Full-time sports fan and occasional politician Barack Obama has decided to fly to Denmark in order to convince the bastards in the IOC that Americans are sick and tired of winning gold medals over third world nations in TV-unfriendly time zones. Hopefully, we won't have to reschedule Sunday brunch in order to watch Michael Phelps slaughter some poor Latvian swimmer who hasn't seen running water (let alone a pool) since his weekly loaf of bread got moldy. [PWW]

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds has Died

The woman whose childhood friendship with John Lennon’s son Julian inspired the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" has died. Lucy Vodden had been battling lupus, an incurable disease of the immune system. Julian Lennon has said that the track was inspired by a picture he drew of classmate Lucy O’Donnell with star-like shapes when they were at nursery school in the mid-1960s. [AP]

NASA Wants Your Crazy Ideas

In an effort to create future Centennial Challenges, NASA is asking the general public to come up with (and submit) ambitious contest ideas. For the next six weeks, the Innovative Partnerships Program will be accepting ideas for new contests, with all submissions becoming public domain information. According to NASA, any idea can be proposed for a prize competition that addresses challenges related to the mission of NASA in aeronautics, exploration, science, or space operations. Crosscutting topics or those that also address related national or global needs are especially valuable. The challenges must require basic and applied research, technology development, or prototype demonstrations. Seems like a good time to really push for that moon base. [Nasa]

Best and Worst Cell Phones Rated by Radiation Output

You're surely aware that your cell phone bleeds radiation into your face the whole time you're on the phone with your mom, best friend or lover, right? Yes, it's a fact we try not to think about most of the time, but now there's a tool out there on the internets for the more reality-facing folks among us. The Environmental Working Group has launched a website dedicated to rating cell phones on their radiation output alone. Ranking highly (meaning they put out the lowest levels of radiation) are the Motorola RAZR V8 and AT&T's Samsung Impression. In fact, it seems that Samsung is cranking out the healthiest phones these days! Phones with poor showings includes T-Mobile's myTouch 3G and the Blackberry Curve 8830. Maybe it's time to switch to Bluetooth. [EWG]

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