Bloodhound Supersonic Car Shoots for Land Speed Record, 1000 MPH

October 23, 2008

The current land speed record stands at 763 MPH, set by Andy Green and the Thrust SSC in 1997. The man behind the design of that car, Richard Noble, is at it again, this time with the ambitious goal of topping his own record and hitting 1000 MPH.


The Bloodhound SSC is powered by three seperate methods of propulsion. First, a hybird rocket, then a Eurojet EJ2000 jet engine, and lastly an 800HP V12 engine (which is actually only used for mundane tasks like driving it around the parking lot and starting the jet engine. No, really.)

The lofty goal of Mach 1.4 requires painstaking attention to aerodynamics and many test runs at speeds which will increase as the design is proven on the test track, with the magic 1000 MPH run expected in 2011.


[Source: Bloodhound SSC]