Seattle Seahawks Fullback is a Tad on the Insane Side

October 12, 2009

Sure, pre-game pep talks or inspirational music may help some athletes get up for the big game. But sometimes players need a little something extra before kick-off. Check out the insane lengths one NFL "star" goes to for a little adrenaline rush.

In order to psych himself up for a showdown with the visiting Jacksonville Jaguars, Owen Schmitt (who is listed as a fullback on the Seahawks' roster, and "potential threat to society" by local psychiatric wards) decided to bash himself repeatedly in the head during the pregame introductions. While many fans questioned the practicality of Schmitt's self-abuse, the West Virginia alum had the last laugh with a brilliant three-yard performance on the day - earning both his fantasy owners nearly one whole point. Take that, anybody who plays for the Browns! Maybe it's time for Derek Anderson to explore pre-game self-induced head trauma?


Source: CBS