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by MariShapiro   April 12, 2010 at 11:36AM  |  Views: 129

And a piece of advice for those that haven't already found this out-I kept my 3D glasses after Avatar because I paid extra for them and I assumed since I paid for them, I owned them and would need them for future 3D movie adventures. Well, even if you bring your own 3D glasses, you still have to pay for a new pair each time.

I'll take my movies in 2D now, thank you. The 3rd dimension is way too greedy.

Alex Shelley

I am writing this from Corbin, Kentucky. Aside from the fact I got to visit the very first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant which happens to be in Corbin, the town will kind of blend together with the rest of the towns on this loop of arena shows. That's not a knock on Corbin either, because most of North America blends together to me. Wrestling has been sweet enough to take me to some of the furthest reaches of the globe.

I hear people talk about places and low and behold, I actually have something to add!  I have been able to eat sushi in Tokyo, corned beef in Ireland, sausage in Germany, tacos in Mexico, and blood pudding in England. I guess I can add fried chicken in Corbin, KY to that list now!  Now I need to find a city famous for donuts. And sundaes. And cereal. By the way, please try cupcake pebbles everyone.

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