Two Guys + $30K in Cameras + Empty Dallas Airport = Awesomeness

June 17, 2011
Airports are magnets for misery. Everything edible or drinkable is watered down or undercooked and way overpriced. Secret charges to your credit card pop up every time you take a step through the terminal, like little d-bag leprechauns who take gold from you instead of giving it away. And worst of all, it is filled with people just like you who are tired, hungry and broke and ready to taste blood at the first person that gives them the stink-eye. Car photographers Joe Ayala and Larry Chen found a way to make the airport more tolerable: go there when no one is around.

The two found themselves stuck in the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport following a drift competition in Florida in the middle of the night where the only other humans in the place were some janitors and a few easily-amused security guards. They passed the time by filming themselves doing all the things you wish you could do at an airport and compiled it for a video that's quickly going viral called "Stuck."

The car blog Jalopnik also tracked down the two photographers and asked them about their exploits and if they got any trouble for turning a major Texas hub into their own personal playground.

Source: YouTube