Lightning Strikes During Sex

July 27, 2009

 A horny German couple who got intimate in some bushes on the side of a freeway got the shock of their lives when they were interrupted by a lightning bolt.

Jens Gottlieb, age 36, and Lisa Gruhn, age 28, were driving down the A44 freeway in the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia when they suddenly found themselves in the mood for a quickie. They pulled over, found a nice spot off the highway in some bushes, removed their clothes and got down to business.

The pair was so into each other that they did not notice when it started to rain. The couple only became aware of the weather when a bolt of lightning struck the ground inches away and literally made the earth move. Freaked out by the incident, Jens and Lisa bolted from the bushes only to find themselves in the midst of a thunderstorm.

The couple quickly became lost and was later discovered wandering around naked in a parking lot by another motorist who called the police.

It must have been some electric sex!

Source: DK Shot/Getty Images

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