CES 2009: Freestyle Waterproof MP3 Player

January 10, 2009

The Freestyle Audio Soundwave™ Ltd. Edition with mirasol display (model number FA300) will include a 0.9-inch color mirasol display, giving consumers a premium portable, waterproof music option for active, outdoor use. In addition to the inclusion of the mirasol display, the FA300 will have added Bluetooth® capabilities.

Measuring just 3 inches in length, the compact size of this sleek, lightweight unit makes it ideal for athletes in outdoor environments. Additionally, the product will include a functional display button bearing Qualcomm MEMS Technologies' notable butterfly logo, reminding consumers of the nature-based genesis of the mirasol display. The phenomenon that makes a butterfly's wings shimmer is the same process used in Qualcomm's mirasol displays to create color. The screen relies upon thin films that reflect back color from incident white light to create crisp, bright images. 

Freestyle audio developed its first waterproof MP3 player to address a fundamental need of outdoor sports enthusiasts,” said Lance Fried, founder and chairman of Freestyle Audio. “The inclusion of mirasol displays shows our commitment to finding innovative solutions to further enhance the active lifestyle and outdoor experience. Low power consumption and direct sunlight visibility will remain important product attributes for this growing enthusiast market.”