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The 10 Games That Accidentally Let You Skip Ahead

by Theta1138   June 07, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 12,842


5. Postal 2

Source: Running with Scissors

We'll give this to Postal: few game franchises have ever worked quite so hard at being obnoxious and offensive to every single human being on the planet.  We're pretty sure the Dalai Lama would clean out the Running with Scissors offices with an Uzi and not feel bad after doing it.  That "marching band" level is...well...it's certainly memorable.  On the other hand, at least they kept Gary Coleman working, so that's something.

Anyway, we were talking about ways to skip levels.  The library level catches on fire at one point, and the quickest way out is blocked by flaming debris.  It'll kill you instantly, but if you light yourself on fire, the game will see you as "on fire" and let you jump through, completing the level.  And, trust us, if you're playing Postal 2, any excuse to skip playing a level is a good one.

4. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Source: Nintendo

If there's one kind of sequence breaking we love, it's boss skipping.  Let's face it, bosses aren't fun.  They're repetitive.  They have a pattern they repeat, and once you learn the pattern, you hand out the smack, finish up the quicktime events that are obligatory ever since God of War made them awesome, and move on to the parts of the game that are actually fun.  Which is why Yoshi's Island earns a place on this list.

It comes at the end of Level 3-8.  You can kill a Piranha Plant that gets turned into a boss if you time it right, which changes the cutscene at the end and skips the boss battle entirely.  This also means fewer chances for little Mario to get knocked off your back, resulting in the single most annoying sound ever created by Nintendo (at least until Slippy the Frog came along).


3. Halo

Source: Microsoft

Halo can be a tough game, and the "Assault on the Control Room" level can really test your patience.  Basically, you have to fight your way to the control room, and then defend it against wave after wave after wave of enemies until your thumbs get sore.  Good thing you can just skip it.

With a couple of fancy moves, the level lets you grab a couple of Banshees and just fly straight over the map.  You won't trigger any enemies, so it'll be completely empty and you can just zip right through to the end with nary a Covenant soldier in sight.  Or if that's too hard, just jump off the bridge in the later part of the level onto the buttress in front of the Forerunner shrine.  In short, there's no reason to actually play the level as Bungie intended, especially since it's more fun to outwit them.


2. Fallout 2

Source: Black Isle Studios

Fallout 2 is, of course, a much beloved franchise featuring cheery fifties design, post-apocalyptic wastelands, lots of fun Vaults to explore, and new skills to learn.  It's one of the few games where you can become a porn star.  It's so incredibly open ended with so many solutions to the quests that you can play it repeatedly, just by messing around with your stats.  It's one of the few games that really is different every single time you play it.  Or you could skip all that and finish the game in 15 minutes.

How?  By using reverse-pickpocket to slip explosives into the pockets of a bunch of NPCs.  It takes a little luck, and knowing who to wipe out, but time it right and the game's basically over before it begins.

You've got to love an RPG, of all things, that redefines the term "speedrun."


1. Warcraft III: Reight on Chaos

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Speaking of boss battles you can skip, we thought we'd save the best one for last.

Warcraft III has one of the most infamously painful final levels in gaming history.  You're defending the World Tree from Archimonde, who's pretty much unstoppable.  You can kill him, with the equivalent of bombarding him with envelopes and hoping he bleeds out from the paper cuts, but what you really have to do is slow him down enough for a 45-minute timer to run out, and then you see the final cutscene.  Yeah, you can't even really beat the boss.  You can only outlast him.

Instead, hide ballistas in the trees, and destroy the base the undead are building when your first base falls.  Archimonde only advances when a base is destroyed, and without a base, the undead can't keep trying to eat your brains.  So he'll just sit there, and you can either bash him to death with ballistas at your leisure, or go catch an episode of Deadliest Warrior while you wait: he's not going anywhere.

Don't you just love thwarting annoying missions?


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