Overweight Concertgoers Force Venue to Make Bigger Seats

September 21, 2009

Rising levels of obesity in the U.K. have forced one of Britain's biggest music venues to make its seats larger to accommodate overweight concertgoers.

LG Arena in Birmingham is currently in the midst of a multimillion-dollar revamp and has had each of its 14,000 seats made more than an inch wider. This will provide more than 1,200 feet of extra space throughout the entire arena. Its owners, Birmingham NEC Arena, have said that the renovation is due to the increasing size of a large percentage of fans.

Phil Mead, managing director of the NEC group, says "Some of the seats were a bit narrow so during this refurbishment we've made some amends. The seats will be brought into line with what audiences attending contemporary concerts and events expect."

The West Midlands is facing an obesity epidemic, with a staggering 77% of men and 62% of women regarded as obese or overweight. Statistics also show that around 1.2 million Brits are clinically obese.

Source: Getty Images