A One-Man Trailer Machine Goes to the Great Theater in the Sky

September 2, 2008

One of the great voices of American movie trailers, Don LaFontaine, died on Monday at age 68 from a collapsed lung. His voice was featured in trailers for films such as The Terminator, Godfather II, Batman Returns, Cast Away, Fatal Attraction and Dr. Strangelove. Hit the jump to see a featurette with LaFontaine and four of his fellow voice-over colleagues, as well as a few of our favorite trailers from his long resume.

His deep voice became the standard for trailer voice-overs, and even had a bit part in The Simpsons Movie. Known for his famous phrase, "In a world," LaFontaine's voice was at once instantly recognizable and universally manly. In a world where movie trailers keep us all entertained throughout an otherwise hum-drum day, we salute you, Don.