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Vote For The Ink Master Finalist

by Spike   May 20, 2014 at 10:00PM  |  Views: 14,123

After an intense competition filled with twists and turns, we've gone from 17 artists down to the final 3 - and now it's your chance to make a difference in who will be crowned 'Ink Master'. Who should go through to be a finalist this season? Sausage, Matti, or Scott? Ink Master fans, it's up to YOU to make that choice and send one artist through. Pick your favorite and let your voice be heard!

Vote now by tweeting one of the hashtags below:


Voting Rules

Sausage's 35 Hour Master Canvas

To vote for Sausage tweet #InkSausage

Matti's 35 Hour Master Canvas

To vote for Matti tweet #InkMatti

Scott's 35 Hour Master Canvas

To vote for Scott tweet #InkScott

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