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Punk Recap - Junie Browning Speaks!

by spike.com   October 09, 2008 at 2:00AM  |  Views: 215

SP: Were there any consequences from that?

JB: I mean from Frank and stuff. You know, he was real disappointed. Cause he picked me so early on and he didn't know I was such an idiot, I guess. He thinks I made him look like an idiot too cause of the way I was acting and I was an early pick. And I agree with him.

SP: Did these events, both the event at the pool and after the match with Efrain, affect your relationship with the other fighters throughout the course of the show? Was there bad blood throughout the rest of the season or did you make ammends with most of the guys?

JB: I got along with most of the guys pretty much. They all knew I was crazy. I don't think they really took a lot of it personal and stuff. They just really, honestly, thought I was crazy as f@#k.

SP: How's your training going now?

JB: Awesome. I'm training 2-3 times a day. I cut out most of the alcohol.

SP: Is there anything you want to say to your fans and the fans of the UFC?

JB:  I'm glad I could sacrifice myself for the sake of entertainment. And the pool scene, I think a lot of people took that more serious than it was. It was actually, we were just practicing. I was helping Tom practice defending front kicks. Worked on it the whole next day. Bader was practicing people pulling guard on him, and I was just doing pull ups off his shirt... No. Just let people know that all this stuff that was going on on the show ain't going on back at home. That I train hard. Real hard.

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