Punk Recap - Junie Browning Speaks!

October 9, 2008

It's safe to say that last night's episode of The Ultimate Fighter was one of the most explosive of all time. Lightweight wildman Junie Browning picked a fight with light heavyweight Ryan Bader that nearly got him kicked off the show. Check out the scene and comments from Browning after the jump.


The following is a transcript of a call between Junie Browning and Spike.com.

SP: The incident at the pool. Can you tell us your side of the story, starting with what happened to you or what happened in the house that brought that about?

JB: I'd have to give the credit to tequila... Pretty much everything that happened was what happened on the show. I was seeing how I'd do at 205. I felt like I did pretty good against him [Ryan Bader]. I think it was just getting drunk. A lot of the stuff they didn't show on the show was they always... being in the house a lot of the bigger guys try to demote people cause they they're bigger. When I got drunk I sort of brought that up.

SP: What behavior of the light heavyweights isn't shown in the show that could bring about some tension?

JB: They always want to be in control of stuff. They would say out of the way stuff that normally if they were my size they wouldn't be saying. I don't want them to think that because they're bigger they run everything, and when I got drunk I started saying stuff I normally wouldn't, doing stuff I normally wouldn't.

SP: Clearly alcohol played a role here. Is that something that's played a role in your life in the past, and are you taking steps for how that affects your future?

JB: Actually I think that show turns you into an alcoholic. I mean at home I don't really drink that much. I mean I drink and party and stuff, but I usually don't get out of hand like it did on the show. But when you're bored as shit... There ain't shit to do and you gotta bunch of big 205-ers f@#king with you... yeah. All you wanna do is drink cause you're bored out of your mind. They should get a Nintendo or something. Or some girls. I had to drink to make them [the cast] look better.

SP: After the Efrain and Shane match you jumped over and into the ring. Is there something that brought that about that we didn't get to see between the events of the previous night and that match?

JB: Being in the house with Efrain, they don't show it on the show, but he liked to run his mouth a lot. And you know they had me running my mouth, but they didn't show half the stuff he would say all the time. He would always talk himself up like he's the shit and stuff and that made me mad. And Shane. So I got sort of pissed cause he beat Shane. And I couldn't really run through the cage so I mean I had to go over the top of it.

SP: Were there any consequences from that?

JB: I mean from Frank and stuff. You know, he was real disappointed. Cause he picked me so early on and he didn't know I was such an idiot, I guess. He thinks I made him look like an idiot too cause of the way I was acting and I was an early pick. And I agree with him.

SP: Did these events, both the event at the pool and after the match with Efrain, affect your relationship with the other fighters throughout the course of the show? Was there bad blood throughout the rest of the season or did you make ammends with most of the guys?

JB: I got along with most of the guys pretty much. They all knew I was crazy. I don't think they really took a lot of it personal and stuff. They just really, honestly, thought I was crazy as f@#k.

SP: How's your training going now?

JB: Awesome. I'm training 2-3 times a day. I cut out most of the alcohol.

SP: Is there anything you want to say to your fans and the fans of the UFC?

JB:  I'm glad I could sacrifice myself for the sake of entertainment. And the pool scene, I think a lot of people took that more serious than it was. It was actually, we were just practicing. I was helping Tom practice defending front kicks. Worked on it the whole next day. Bader was practicing people pulling guard on him, and I was just doing pull ups off his shirt... No. Just let people know that all this stuff that was going on on the show ain't going on back at home. That I train hard. Real hard.