DW Alternate Endings: Maori / Gladiator / Samurai

January 1, 2011

Ninja vs. Maori

For a third time the ninja threw his chain, and again the maori batted at it with his taiaha. But this time the chain wrapped around the staff. Seeing this the ninja pulled on the chain. Hard. Not expecting this the maori found himself being pulled forward, and soon fell flat on his face.
Seeing a true golden opportunity, the ninja lunged forward with the bladed end of the kusarigama. But just before he buried into the Maori's neck, the islander rolled out of harms way. Grabbing his Taiaha, he jerked it toward him, and the Kusarigama which was still wrapped around it. Then in one quick motion, stabbed the Taiaha into the Ninja's leg. The ninja limped back in pain, and un-sheated his Ninjato. With it, he was able to deflect the first strike against him, but the second hit left him open. The Maori twirled the staff in his hands, before shoving the sharpened in straight throughout the Ninja's heart.
The Ninja staggered back. He coughed once, his mouth leaking blood; staining his black face mask. Then, silently, he fell backwards and lay still. The assassin knew no more.
The Maori, flushed with victory, cried out to his ancestors. Then, he gathered his tools and weapons. The last thing he did before he left that clearing however, was to sling the ninja's body over his shoulder, and walk back to his tribe. There would be much celebrating to do.

Winner: Maori
Maori: 520
Taiaha: 204
Mere: 131
Shark Tooth Club: 126
Stingray Spear: 59

Ninja: 480
Kusarigama:  194
Ninjato: 121
Blowgun: 116
Shuriken: 49
Black Eggs: 0

Narrator: In this battle of opposites, it was the Maori who proved victorious. Pulling out a surprise victory with his favorite weapon the Taiaha, which had over 200 kills in the simulation.

Dr. Dorian: I almost can't believe that the Maori won this fight. It just seemed so unlikely.

We see the Maori back at his tribal home, celebrating with his people. Amongst his possessions is the Kusarigama which had given so much trouble in his recent fight. After telling his tale, the Maori sat down to a nice meal of . . .  well . . .
Viking vs. Gladiator:

Unfortunately for the gladiator, his spiked cestus got stuck. He now found himself unable to pull his fist from the wooden shield. The viking, taking advantage of this situation, suddenly charged. This caused the gladiator to be pushed along, unable to get a decent shot with his sica, until the viking slammed him into a nearby tree.

Or rather, he tried to. At the last moment, the Gladiator freed himself, and side-stepped out of the charge. His own momentum working against him the Viking crashed head-long into the tree. Not wasting a moment the Gladiator stabbed the Viking in the back with his Sica. The Viking cried out in pain, and turned about to back-hand the Gladiator with his shield. Having learned his lesson from the last time, the Gladiator stepped back. Then grabbing the shield before it could be retracted, he pulled it from the Viking's hand and flung it to the side.

The Viking tried to stab with his Long sword, but the Gladiator was a step ahead, and pinned it to the tree with his Sica. The Viking, in his pain dropped the sword, as the Gladiator went to town on the Viking with his Cestus. The punches struck again and again, hammering away at the Norse warrior.

Finally the punches stopped. The Gladiator removed his sword, and the Viking slumped to the ground, barely conscious, and just clinging to life. Stepping back the Gladiator remembered his old days back at the colosseum. He imagined the Emperor looking down on him, as the crowds cheered. Then came the moment where it was decided if the loser should live or die. Shaking his nostalgia away, the Gladiator took his Sica, and rammed it right through the Viking's throat. Standing back, he screamed: For The Emperor!!!

Winner: Gladiator:
Gladiator: 573

Trident & Net: 270
Sica: 158
Cestus & Scissor: 115
Sling: 30

Viking: 427
Long Sword: 190
Great Axe: 140
Viking Spear: 73
Viking Shield: 24

Narrator: In this battle of similar opponents, it was the Gladiator that proved to be the deadlier man. With most of his weapons scoring in the triple digits, it was his Trident and Net combo that proved the deadliest weapon in this fight.

Dr. Dorian: I guess I can understand why the Gladiator won. The Gladiator fought everyday for the sake of his own life. And he certainly wasn't going to let the Viking end it.

We see the Gladiator crying out in victory. When he was done, he made his way deeper into the forest, taking the Viking Long Sword as his prize.

Pirate vs. Samurai:

Seeing the samurai coming to, the pirate realized he was all out of pistols. This meant it was time for a last resort. The pirate pulled out his one grenado and lit it. He tossed it at the samurai and ducked for cover behind a rock, knowing that if this didn't kill the samurai, nothing would.
The samurai struggled to stand after that blast had hit him. That last attack had really hurt. He would definitely be needing medical attention when this was over. He heard a thump as something near him. Looking at it, his eyes widened in realization. He brushed it off his chest quickly as he stood. He turned to run . . .

And ducked behind a rock just as the blast went off. Using the smoke it kicked up as cover, he grabbed him Kanabo and made his way around his enemy.

The Pirate looked out from behind his own cover, hoping to see a dead Samurai. When he saw nothing, he became understandably nervous. Hearing a cry, he turned around, just in time to hit in the legs by the Samurai's giant club. The blow shattered his femur, and sent him crashing to the ground. Looking up, the Pirate had time to do nothing, as the Large Kanabo split his head like a watermelon.

Stepping back, the Samurai wiped the blood off his weapon, before retrieving the treasure and walking off.

Winner: Samurai
Samurai: 553
Naginata: 226
Katana: 164
Yumi: 148
Kanabo: 15

Pirate: 447
Blunderbuss: 153
Grenado: 119
Cutlass: 95
Flintlock Pistol: 80

Narrator: In this battle of opposites it was the Samurai who came out on top. With his best weapon: the Naginata, scoring an amazing total of 226 kills by itself.

Dr. Dorian: I was a little surprised how this turned out. Even though this seemed like another 'Knife to a Gun fight' battles, the Samurai turned it around. In the end, even though the Pirate showed great skill with his weapons, the Samurai possessed an even greater skill with his. Also, I think that his weapons were just a bit more reliable then the finicky black powder weapons of the Pirate.

We see the Samurai back at the Daimyo's home, all patched up, presenting the stolen gold back to it's rightful master. The Samurai had considered taking something else, a prize taking from one warrior to another, but had decided against it. After all, it would be not be honorable to steal from the dead.

The End.