Draft Watch - Brian Scalabrine

July 6, 2010

While the rest of the NBA world focuses on the top free agents (Lebron, D-Wade and Bosh) , The Weekend Pre-Game gives you the up-to-date information on the real prize free agent: Brian Scalabrine.

Big Red can’t be matched in the enthusiasm and hustle department and this summer one lucky team will be landing his 2.0 points per game average on their squad. Plus when it comes to rings, Scalabrine 1- Lebron 0. This is the one and only SCALABRINE WATCH!

July 6

Big Red heads into free agency with 2009-10 averages of 1.5 points, 0.9 rebounds and 0.5 assists - his ninth NBA season in which he made $3.41 million. As of now, Lebron James has made no demands that his decision to pick a team depends on if that team will also sign Scalabrine. We will keep you posted.

July 7

Today Brian Scalabrine received a call from Atlanta. Not the team, just from the city of Atlanta. We will keep you posted.