Bow Before the Beer Bottle Buddhist Temple

February 19, 2009

Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew is such a great temple.  Wait, you might also know it as Wat Lan Kuad.  No?  Well, those names roughly translate to “The Temple of a Million Bottles,” and they describe a Buddhist temple on the Cambodian boarder that is -- surprise -- constructed from over one million beer bottles.

But that’s not all! The local monks began this totally sweet, booze-borne temple in 1984.  They started collecting the bottles for recycling, but found that they “do not lose color, provide good lighting, and are easy to clean,” so they started building things out of them. 

To date they have completed a complex of over 20 buildings using the beer bottles.  This sounds like something my friends and I did in our college dorm rooms, except that instead of erecting shrines and houses of prayer, we just made a table on which to set more full beer bottles.

Source: Telegraph UK