The Top 10 iPhone Apps to Help You Score

June 9, 2009

In prehistoric times, dating was pretty easy. A wooden club to the head and a night in the cave was really the extent of it. As society evolved, the dating process evolved with it. Now, it’s basically a competitive sport, and you need every advantage you can get your hands on if you hope to end the evening… the next morning. With Apple’s announcement of the new 3GS iPhone at this week’s WWDC, it seems apropos to check out some of the tools in this gadget’s arsenal that make Apple’s smartphone the greatest wingman you’ll ever have.

10. CraigsPhone


So, what’s the easiest way to find desperate singles? Craigslist personals, of course! Being the on-the-go mover and shaker that you are, you’re going to want to grab the Craigsphone app, which formats CL posts for the iPhone, so you can scour the “w4m” posts for that special someone.

Keep in mind that the "dates for hire" section is omitted from the app, presumably so they can meet the arbitrary decency standards of the iTunes overlords.

9. 1001 Pick Up Lines


So you’ve managed to single out a few likely candidates through the CL app, now you need to pour on the e-charm (ha!).

Time to fire up the 1001 Pick Up Lines app, touted as the “largest selection of pick-up lines in the App Store!” If there’s over a thousand options for you to try, just by virtue of sheer numbers, you should be able to hook a few with your app-engineered wit.

8. iFitness


So you’ve managed to set up a date! After the initial giddiness wears off, you realize that your pictures from your senior year of high school might be slightly misleading now.

Minimize the damage by hitting the gym, fast and furious. iFitness shows you how to get in shape by providing how-to tutorials for 100 exercises, and categorizes them by the body region that each exercise targets, helping you minimize the paunch-factor before your big date.

7. Yelp


So you pick her up and head to the pre-determined restaurant, but when you get there, you notice that the building seems to have burned to the ground night before.

Ever the resourceful guy in a clutch situation, you bust out the Yelp app on your phone and find a highly-rated eatery of similar ilk nearby without even skipping a beat.

6. Shazam


While at dinner, your date stops mid-conversation and declares, “Oh, I love this song!” Having no idea what song it is, much less actually owning the track in question, you fire up the Shazam app.

Through the synergy of black magic and pixie dust, Shazam picks up the song on the iPhone’s mic, analyzes it, and comes back with the track title and where to get it from. Before the track has even finished, you’re up to speed and ready to declare that, though this song is awesome, you’re really more into their early stuff.

5. Fandango


The date is going well. Your pseudo-knowledge of both food and music seems to be paying off! She suggests you two hit up a movie. Time to call upon the Fandango app.

From here, you can check theaters in your area code, get movie reviews, showtimes, and even order tickets right from your phone, for free. And while all the other suckers are waiting in line to buy tickets, you can cruise up to will call with her and act like you own the joint.

4. Around Me


On your way to the theater, you realize that the detour created by the diversion to restaurant #2 has left your whip in need of some fuel. But where the hell are we, and where’s the closest gas station?

Here’s a job for the Around Me app. Around Me uses the iPhone’s location services and GPS features to find things in your close proximity, like gas stations, ATMs, parking, etc. In practically no time, you’re fueled up and back on the road to an idyllic date.

3. TomTom


So guys don’t want to ask for directions and chicks don’t dig guys who get lost driving around on a date. The solution? Turn-by-turn directions on your iPhone.

At this week’s WWDC, TomTom showed off their new voice command enabled turn-by-turn GPS navigation app for the iPhone. Use it and never have to flip a b**** again, both literally and figuratively!

2. Touch Hockey


The TomTom app worked so well that you guys get the movie with time to spare. In hopes of avoiding a potentially awkward silence while sitting in the theater, you challenge her to a two-player game of Touch Hockey air hockey on your iPhone.

Not only does it eat up some minutes, it gives you a chance to let her win and get into her good graces that much more.

1. iTunes Remote


Movie is over, and she declares that she’s tired, and slyly suggests you guys head over to your place to “chill for a bit.” Right when you get there, you bust out the iTunes Remote app, and put on the appropriate playlist.

Of course, don’t forget to cap off the night with an electric smoke when all is said and done.

Now, if only they’d had a contraceptive app…