harlequins enigma october news

October 2, 2010

our octagon volume 1 debut mp3 cd is worked on as we speak, to get it to the masses.. we have received good critics for it & look forward to the continuation. artists involved in our debut album is: king diamond, jean michel jarre, vangelis, jochen hippel, elin berge, sara q, sara jensen, myself åge riisnes, edgar froese, jerome froese, ståle riisnes (my brother) - volume 1 is still the new age album, where the 7 other cd`s in 7 other genres will follow 1 by 1. latest from us is the change in distributor - we plan this nowadays & the company is: phonofile.com & we are in preperation in this matter. we will also after release make a new age video, off the debut album. this track features rosina wachtmeister`s paintings in the video - it`s going to be fun :]

harlequins enigma

åge riisnes / harlequins enigma 02.10.2010