Spike's Corrie Loftin Gets Close to Paris Hilton

November 18, 2008

Corrie Loftin, potential BFF to heiress Paris Hilton, was our darling behind the bar long ago in Spike’s Sexiest Bartender competition.

Good to see you’re still climbing the ladder, Corrie!  Well, maybe.  Would you rather be on pooper scooper detail for Paris’s puppies or sling suds to a bunch of lusty lushes? Corrie has curiously avoided elimination on the show a couple times despite coming off as one of the most shallow, self-centered people in recent memory, which leads us to believe that Paris has already decided she's the one. Hey, they can't all have looks and brains. It’s the dramatic tension that makes this post a good one.



Here's her MTV Star Page from Paris' show, or you can check out her Facebook and MySpace pic pages.