Meth Coffee: Good with Cream

August 5, 2008


Meth Coffee is distasteful enough to be completely hilarious to me.  Granted, making light of something like meth discourages its stigma.  That might make more kids comfortable using it.  Further, associating it with other, less-harmful stimulants like coffee must make meth seem...I don't know....totally fine? Hilarious!  I want some and I don't like meth OR coffee.  Here's the copy from their site which is a bleached, caustic joy:

METH COFFEE, a volatherapeutic beberage, IS FORMULATED after chemical confetti and wakes zombies, f*cks with perfectionists, straightens drunks, rattles teetotalers, revs vandals in search of impetus, brightens ouse chores AND CUTS BOREDOM LIKE A G*DDAMN RAZOR. METH COFFEE may promote feelings of mania, zania, euthanasia, fantasia, and all manner of paranoia.  DO NOT DRINK ALONE.