$30,000 Razor Could be Worth it

September 18, 2008

Forged in Europe from one of the finest makers of grooming products, the Damascene Razor has 128 layers of steel that are then carved into the unsettling pattern seen above that looks like the high-res topography of your chubby uncle's dimpled ass.  In theory.

The razor is undeniably well built and sharp as sh*t.  It was manufactured by the Parisian house of Hommage, and the Luxist has this to say about the historical roots of this weapon in the war on stubble: 

The name Damascene is often attributed to the steel swords made in the vicinity of Damascus, Syria and first gained its mythical reputation during the medieval Crusades. According to Hommage, "the blade of a Damascus steel sword was said to be able to cut a piece of silk in half as it fell to the ground and was strong enough to cut through a rock without losing its sharpness." And now you can use it to get the world's most expensive shave.

Stunning.  One imagines the gods of old raising this blade to their wooly maws and exclaiming, “My god…er, my me….I shall never endure the rigors of razor burn again!” *SCHINK! Then, they’d turn into a swan and bang an Earthling.  History.