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The Top 10 Most Disturbing Video Game Bosses

by DannyGallagher   August 05, 2009 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 43,094

Video games have evolved into a much greater power from their early days of 8-bit fetushood. They are inching one step closer to mimicking reality and that means they can do more than feed your need for harmless, consequence-free violence. Some can make your skin crawl, almost to the point that it can learn how to walk. Here are the level bosses that still haunt our left and right lobes.

Source: Capcom

10. Bitores Mendez from Resident Evil 4


Source: Capcom

He may sound like one of the many Menudo back-up singers who were used and tossed aside like so much musical Kleenex. But one look at him and you'll think he eats those abandoned youth for a light supper. This towering village chief stands at a whopping 7-foot-50, possesses Tony Robbins'-sized hands, and looks like the kind of evil human who's only capability of reasoning is with fire. Complete immolation just makes him madder and into an even taller meat skeleton that looks like he was born in a vat of mechanically-separated slaughterhouse meat. 

9. Andross from Starfox 64



Monkeys are rarely menacing. Even the military brutes and ruthless dictators from Planet of the Apes still draw a few giggles and bemused "awwws" as they hunt down Charlton Heston. However, Andross, the evil gorilla arch-nemesis of Starfox, is the only monkey who can give a grown man nightmares until monkeys start pooping grenades. His appearances on the Nintendo 64 remake took him out of his "picture memory desk cube of death" from the SNES version and stuck him right in the viewer's face with his eye-popping stare and menacing polygon grin. Then when you think you've beaten him, his brain and eyeballs somehow survive and continue fighting like some possessed anatomy model set.

8. The Director from Manhunt


Source: Rockstar Games

This menacing slash-and-bash film auteur is probably the wimpiest and easiest end boss in modern video game history. His voice, however, more than makes up for his softball self-defense. The director, voiced by classically trained Scottish actor Brian Cox, follows convicted murderer James Earl Cash from camera to camera in a sinister, leering voice that barks orders for brutal kills around almost every corner. It's so creepy and eerie that if you play long enough, his voice will stay in your head, narrating your every movie and making you think that maybe Jack Thompson wasn't as big of a nutball as we thought. In the end, he turns out to be just another sleazy-looking director with a foie gras gut and a porn director wardrobe that's about as menacing as Ron Jeremy during a post-orgasm nap.

7. The Great Mighty Poo from Conker's Bad Fur Day


Source: Rareware

Video game bosses have frustrated us, aggravated us, angered us, scared us, and even scarred part of us in ways that only an overly friendly uncle can replicate. None, however, have physically disgusted us as much as this vile creation from the sick minds that created the underground Nintendo 64 classic. Conker encounters this fiendish fecal foe about midway through his adventure and if being attacked by an evil pile of poo wasn't enough to shiver your spine out of its socket, he also serenades you with a vile baritone operatic melody about his love of corn and his homemade "caviar." It's the only reason we're glad Nintendo wasn't working on a special "smell force" pack.


6. Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid


Source: Konami

One of the hardest things for any game to do is break that imaginary fourth wall between the player and the game. This leather-sporting cackler came pretty close. He doesn't just invade Snake's mind. He can actually get into the player's head by reviewing their progress through the game, referencing games they have previously played, and even taking over the player's controller. Even if you don't buy his dog-and-pony show, his muffled and scratchy voice will haunt every corner of your mind and eventually become the announcer for your darkest dreams (including the one where you're giving a Care Bear an autopsy on your parents' bed).