Mantenna – Nicolas Cage Gets Arrested

April 18, 2011
Nicolas Cage gets arrested, Dave Grohl thinks Nirvana is still a band and Kanye West closes Coachella 2011…the Mantenna is back in the saddle again!

Nicolas Cage Gets Arrested

Photo: Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment

Nicolas Cage’s boozy night out on the town ended in handcuff Friday. The 47-year-old was arrested after an altercation with his wife in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The New Orleans Police released a statement saying, “Cage and his wife were standing in front of a residence that he insisted was the property the couple was renting. She disagreed, and Cage grabbed her by the upper arm and pulled her to what he believed was the correct address. There were no visible signs of injury on his wife's arm. The actor then began striking vehicles and later attempted to get into a taxi. At that point, an officer who had been flagged down by onlookers drove up on the couple, immediately observed that Cage was heavily intoxicated and ordered him out of the cab, which prompted Cage to start yelling. The officers subsequently took Cage to Central Lock-up.” Cage was back at work today on the set of Medallion. [People]

Where Did My Taxes Go?

There are two things certain in life—death and taxes. While you’re probably not going to die today, you will have to pay your taxes. Why, because today is Tax Day. By now you should have filed your taxes or requested an extension. If you haven’t lodged, you should stop reading this, go through your receipts and race to your local 24-hour Post Office. Now, if you want to know how the government spends all your hard earned tax dollars you can visit a nifty new website from Google called Where Did My Tax Dollars Go. Happy Tax Day! [Where Did My Tax Dollars Go]

Dave Grohl has Dreams Kurt Cobain and Nirvana are Still Around

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

According to a recent interview, Foo Fighter Dave Grohl legitimately has dreams that Kurt Cobain is still alive and that Nirvana has officially reunited. "I've had a few dreams where Kurt shows up and I'm so blown away,” Grohl explained to Seven magazine. "And the three of us get together to be band again. It's totally weird." Grohl also opened up about what Kurt may have been like present day if he had taken his life back in 1994. "I don't know. He's probably be the same 25, 26-year-old he was. Unfortunately we'll never know." Too true. RIP Kurt. [MSN]

Kanye West Closes Coachella 2011

As most of you should already know, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival went down over the weekend. Needless to say, it was epic on all fronts. From Arcade Fire’s mind-blowing set on Saturday, to Kanye West’s epic ending of the now-legendary fest, Coachella 2011 was one for the ages. Hit the Pitchfork site for a video roundup of the best sets from the entire weekend. Do it, y’all. [Pitchfork]