Mad Scientist Has Cloned 11 People

April 22, 2009

Dr. Panayiotis Zavos (that’s his real name and not an evil moniker) is a geneticist that has implanted 11 100% human embryos into women.  Hit the jump to uncover his evil designs for world domination. 

He claims that his ends are not nefarious.  He claims that he created the embryos (by fusing cells from corpses with those of a cow) not for implanting into a woman’s womb, but to study the cloning process.  He claims that whether we like it or not, cloning is coming down the pike. 

Mainstream science recoils at this idea and at Dr. Zavos himself.  And for good reason.  Cloning, right now, is incredibly dangerous and ineffective.  Check it out.  Certainly if Dr. Zavos’ implanted clones had taken, there was an enormous chance that they would be extremely flawed. 

So, obviously, he’s trying to make a mutant army of personal warriors. 

Source: Sharon Dominick/Getty Images