Talking Tattoos With NFL Star Tony Jefferson

September 16, 2015
Talking Tattoos With NFL Star Tony Jefferson

Next Tuesday at 10/9c on Ink Master NFL stars will grace us with their presence when the artists are tested on their technical precision and must tattoo footballs on superfans. Talk about pressure! We were lucky enough to sit down with one of our guest stars, Tony Jefferson of the Arizona Cardinals, and talk ink.

Spike: How many tattoos do you currently have?
Tony: Right now I currently have 18 different tattoos, but I will definitely be adding more.

Spike: What's your favorite tattoo and why?
Tony: My favorite tattoo currently is the one of my son. Every time I look down and see it, it reminds me how much of a blessing he is in our lives.

Spike: Who has the best ink on the Cardinals right now?
Tony: I have the best ink on the Cardinals right now. No question, not even close.

Spike: What was the biggest surprise about your time on Ink Master?
Tony: The biggest surprise being on ink master was that I felt super comfortable with the staff, artists and other players. It got a little competitive, but overall we were all just there to get some great pieces.

Spike: Who is your pick to win Ink Master this season?
Tony: I pick my guy to win obviously.

Spike: Do you have any ideas for your next tattoo?
Tony: My next tattoo will be of my Nana who passed away last February.